Contemporary Fused Glass Art

The precise origins of fused glass are not known, but it is believed that artisans in Ancient Rome and Egypt discovered the process around 2000 BC. It remained the industry standard for the next 2000 years, before being replaced when the glass blowing technique was invented. Fused glass experienced a resurgence in the early 20th century, as artists reawakened this vibrant and colorful medium.

Diane Bragg brings fused glass to life with her contemporary, botanic designs. Her love of plants shines through in her art, with floral and verdant undertones. Diane is a fused glass artist for the 21st century.

Diane Bragg is a Florida Native. She grew up in the Tampa Bay area and developed a love of plants and nature while exploring many of the natural areas surrounding Tampa. Her mother is an avid gardener as well as a stained glass artist. Diane’s love of plants and glass stemmed from time spent in her mom’s garden and studio. As a young adult she worked as a graphic designer and attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, where she achieved a degree in Advertising Design. She spent a few more years as a graphic designer, but soon the glass called her home. She started working in a stained glass studio, where she met her former husband and art partner. Together, they created glass and metal designs and worked the art show circuit. During this time in her life, Diane perfected her skill with fused glass. Today she creates botanically inspired art made completely of glass, as well as lanterns, clocks and gift pieces. She invites you, through this website, into her world.

Diane shares her love of fused glass in workshops at her studio in quaint, artsy Gulfport, Florida. She offers a range of classes to suit all levels of students. She offers workshops where all of the glass is already cut, where glass cutting is taught, wall hangings and lanterns.